What is your personal definition of health promotion, health and medicine homework help


Fielding, J. E., Teutsch, S., & Koh, H. (2012). Health reform and healthy people initiative. American Journal of Public Health, 102(1), 30–33.

1. Answer these questions.

  • Describe your current professional position in health care?
  • What is your personal definition of health promotion?
  • How do you view role of government in health promotion?
  • How do you view the nurse’s role in health promotion?

To help with describing me as a current professional- I have worked in home health, hospice, medical surgical, clinical settings, and long-term care. Currently today I work as a psychiatric nurse manager for a hospital of 146 patients. I work with the patients, their families, groups, and communities to assess mental health needs, develop diagnoses, and plan, implement, and evaluate nursing care. 

The initial post is at least 200 words.  This does not include repeating the DB question or the citations and references.

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