What is the importance of nurture in language development?

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I need these two outlines to be combined into one to discuss how nature and nurture affect language development

Thesis: Nature is a precursor to language development that needs the compliments of nurture for a child to be well versed with its first language

I. Introduction

A. Thesis: Nature is a precursor to language development that needs the compliments of nurture for a child to be well versed with its first language

II. What is the importance of nurture in language development?

A. With respect to language development, there have been many schools of thought regarding the importance of nurture or on the flip side, its irrelevance. The importance of nurture, however, is undeniable.

B. One evidence of the importance of nurture is that children will speak the language that is at their predisposition; an American born child will both speak and be fluent in English or Mandarin depending on whether it will grow in New York or Beijing.

III. What do behaviorists say about nurture’s role in language development?

A. With respect to language acquisition in children and nurture, behaviorists posit that the environment within which a child grows is the most relevant factor in the acquisition of its first language.

B. What’s more, it has been noted that if a child is predisposed to rich language then good habit formation will take place and proper development of language will occur. The role of nurture is very important where parents and guardians play the role of a support system to better the language development of a child (Friedmann & Rusou, 2015).

C. Examples of duties that parents and guardians (teachers included) need to play is giving children attention, asking them questions, using labels and help them with naming, and generally socially interacting with children (Berk, L. (2017).

IV. Conclusion

A. Nurture and nature both play a role in language development. As such, there is no dismissing nurture with respect to influencing a child to speak well. The moment the world accepts this as a reality, the better it will be for the young ones who are developing.

B. Parents play the biggest role in nurture i.e. to help children develop their language; teachers come second in playing this role. Children’s peers also help them develop language.

C. For that matter parents should be aware of their nurturing role and pronounce words correctly when they speak near children; they should not mimic the gibberish spoken by children.


Berk, L. (2017). Development through the lifespan. Pearson Education India.

Friedmann, N., & Rusou, D. (2015). Critical period for first language: the crucial role of language input during the first year of life. Current opinion in neurobiology, 35, 27-34.


1. Introduction

2. Speech meaning

a) Semantics

b) Lexicon

3. Sounds and meanings

4. Grammar

5. Derivational Morphology

6. Inflectional morphology

7. Syntax

8. Language social context

9. Pragmatics and discourse

10. Speech sounds

11. Linearity

12. How speech is interpreted in adults

13. How speech is developed by children.

14. Speech production

15. Phonological development

16. Brain bases of speech perception and production

17. Lesion studies of speech

18. Functional Brain imaging studies of speech

19. Words and grammar

20. How sentences are processed by normal adults

21. How words and sentence develop in young children

22. Major milestones in childhood development

23. Brain bases of words and sentences

24. Neural imaging studies

25. Pragmatics and discourse

26. Conclusion

27. References


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