What is fascinating about the deaths of public or notable individuals?

A number of notable figures died during the past Ten years, each representing a different dying trajectory. There was forewarning in the death of some; however, others occurred “off time” — or unexpectedly.

Your task is to research the death of such an individual and discuss the following in essay paragraph form .

  • What is fascinating about the deaths of public or notable individuals?
  • How does cause of death or questionable circumstances affect the public’s interest in such deaths?
  • What was your reaction and feelings about the death of an individual in the scientific, political, financial, creative, humanitarian, or medical environment?  NO  movie or tv personalities.
  • Do you believe the public saw it as a positive or negative event? Why?
  • Give background of the person; why notable in their own country or worldwide? Important: Read sources on early background as to how that influenced them as individuals even in their childhood, or moving forward in life at an earlier age. Do not just copy verbatim from an article (no Wikipedia).

Note: Put the name of the person in your header so others do NOT report on the same person.

Respond in at least FOUR well developed paragraphs.


What role does nutrition play in the aging process, and what role can it play in slowing aging?


Select a target population (such as age, gender, ethnicity, disability, disease risk factors) and setting (such as senior center, church, hospital, etc.). Present a one-page summary explaining your reasoning in choosing this population and setting.

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