What is an enzyme?, biology homework help

Answer these questions

1. What is an enzyme?

2. Does pH influence the enzyme activity? How?

3. Name the enzymes(s) used to digest carbohydrates.

4. Which enzyme is used to digest fats?

5. For better digestion, what temperature should the food you eat have?

6. What will happen to a person in whom the gallbladder does not release bile? List all possible symptoms.

7. If there is damage to the epithelial lining of the jejunum, what function of the digestive system will suffer the most?

8. Where are the following found? Write the letter that corresponds to its location. Options can be used more than once.

Location Options

______ pH=4 a. Empty stomach

______ pH=2 b. Stomach with food

______ Trypsin c. Liver

_____ Nutrients absorbed d. Large intestine

_____ Pepsin e. Gallbladder and liver

_____ Amylase f. Duodenum

_____ Bile g. Salivary glands and pancreas

_____ Lipase h. Small intestine

_____ Chyme

______ Water absorbed

9. Which gas is produced by yeast during fermentation?

10. What other products are produced by yeast during fermentation?

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