What can be done to improve relations with the other teams at the plant?

Scenario Two: Each question at the end of this scenario is worth 5 points.

Last year, the manufacturing plant where you work reorganized into self-directed work teams. You are the team leader for one of several teams in the assembly area.  The transition into teamwork was difficult, but recently things have been working fairly well. Several months ago, upper management announced a new team incentive program that rewards each team for exceeding production targets. This incentive program has had mixed effects on team performance and has created some problems at the plant.

Your team is now highly motivated to exceed production, but this has created conflicts with the other teams. You find yourself competing with the other manufacturing teams for access to the company’s technical support staff. The team has been ignoring machine maintenance issues in order to spend more time producing. There have been several arguments with other teams in the plant who supply parts for your assembly area, and communication with these other teams has deteriorated. You think that the cause of these problems may be the new reward program, but upper management is very supportive of the rewards program.

1. How shoou (the team leader) deal with their internal problems?uld y

2. What can be done to improve relations with the other teams at the plant?

3. How can you explain your team’s problems to upper management?

Scenario Three: The Devil Wears Prada. Each question at the end of this scenario is worth 5 points.

Cynical, ruthless Miranda Priestley is the world’s worst boss. She rules Runway Magazine as its demanding editor in chief. Naïve, aspiring journalist Andy Sachs applies for a position as an assistant to Priestley. She does not know Priestly nor has she ever heard of the magazine. Andy perceives this position as one of many on the way to a journalistic career. Her grueling first days and weeks on Priestley’s staff shape Andy in ways that forever change her world view.

Answer the following questions using OB theory to support your answers. You will need to do outside research  about the theories used and provide citations for your work.

1. What is Emily’s perception of Andy? What is Miranda Priestley’s perception of Andy? What do Emily and Miranda emphasize in forming their perceptions of Andy?

2. Analyze Andy’s self perception including professional competence, appearance, and organizational fit at Runway magazine.

3. Using Organizational Behavior theory, analyze Miranda’s leadership style, Runway’s culture, and the job satisfaction of Runway employees.

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