Week 8 Discussion Taking Care of Our Aging Loved Ones

Taking Care of Our Aging Loved Ones

The last chapter of this text talks about the dangers of drug interactions and other issues regarding the elderly and medications. Seeing that our loved ones get good care as they age is of serious concern to most of us for our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. For your initial post, share:

  1. Your concerns about your parents as they age regarding their diet, exercise, and, if they are on meds, their meds intake, number of meds, dosages, and possible side effects and or negative drug interactions
  2. Share as personal story as you feel comfortable about an aging loved one who had or is having medication issues and how it’s been (being) resolved.  In your responses, consider ways your fellow students’ can take possible actions to correct their or their family member’s situation. (If you do not have any aging family members, you may research an elderly medication issue on the internet and post that story.  Include the complete URL in your post.)

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