Week 7 DQ 1 – Response to fellow classmate – Tammy Rochester

How we think can play a role in the genesis and outcome of a given illness. Fossarelli (2002) While working with elderly patients on hospice, I noticed some of the patients improved and were discharged from hospice services. These particular patients had a positive outlook on their illnesses. They were spiritually inclined and remain active. There were others that felt as if they had no hope and were less active and lived only days to weeks after admittance to hospice care. Integration of mind, body, and spirit into a unitary whole for some can create harmony and healing in on’s life. Being optimistic has it’s advantages to healing. People that think with hope and bring goodness to bad situations live less overstressed lives. Stress can cause one to have fatigue and poor health. When I get stressed I check my blood pressure and sugar levels. If one or the other is not good I know to eat healthier, exercise and watch medication intake. The body works with the mind to foresee pending danger or illnesses. People that perceive themselves to be stressed have increased susceptibility to upper respiratory infection. Fossarelli (2002). Spiritually is one’s connection to God and can give the individual the confidence to have less susceptibility to disease or illness. People have slowed down the progression of fatal illnesses by thinking positively or by remaining optimistic. When hope is destroyed the body’s resistance to disease decreases. Fossarelli (2002).

The scientific view is to see the mind, body, and spirit as separate parts. In understanding how one feels, the individual will tell of what and how they feel. From the therapeutic view it is the psychological reshaping that gets restored. Samuel (2010). Depression is chemicals in the brain that can be restored with medication. Depression can take a toll on one’s body, mind, and spirit. Severe depression can effect sleep, appetite and lack of energy. It can effect one’s spirituality to the point of not wanting to get out of bed. Isolation can occur and can also effect one’s spirituality.

Mind, body, and spirit is a part of the life span. Freud spoke of the libido as psychic energy. His view of the mind was unconscious and conscious levels. Freud’s stages of psycho sexual development begins from age 3 to the adulthood and involves physical awareness such as in the phallic stage . Erickerson considered that psychological development continued throughout life and ending to a growing awareness to mortality. Weaver (2009). Frankl, the existentialist challenged psycho dynamic view that the end goal of all activity throughout life is the establishment of individual equilibrium. Weaver (2009) The mind ages as well as the body throughout the life span. Physical changes occur. As one experiences life changes their spirituality may have changes also.

Please respond to the above question using 250 words. Please also use at least 1 reference that is from a peer reviewed article or journal not a website reference. Please also cite the reference in APA 6th edition format.

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