vas’ the real thing . Her membranes were intact . Mrs. M.’S temperature , PULSE and respirations WERE normal and her blood PRESSURE WAS IZ`’GO….

vas’ the real thing" . Her membranes were intact . Mrs. M.’S temperature , PULSE and respirationsWERE normal and her blood PRESSURE WAS IZ`’GO. THE Fetal heart tones WERE 134 and regular .The nurse Examined Mirs . M . and found that the baby’s head was at – 1 station , and the CervixVEE 4 in . dilated and 80 percent Effaced . SHE reported her findings to the doctor and heOrderEd Stadolol ? !`2 my IVF Q { hours orn pain = 6 to be given intravenous ! " when needed.DO you think MS . M. is in false labor ? GIVE reasons for your answer .AS MS . M. was getting into bed , her membranes ruptured . What is the first thing that youwould do after this Occurs ? Why ?"After her membranes ruptured , her contractions began coming EVERY 3 – 4 minutes andlasted 45 to $5 Seconds . They WERE moderately strong . ME M asked you to Explain anormal labor contraction pattern for her phase of labor .When do you think MS. M. Should be given the medication ordered by the doctor ? WhatSafety measures Should be taken at the time the medication is given ? What observationsConcerning variability might you atI Observe on the fetal monitor tracing after it is given ? Why ?"What ? concerning FHA patterns would you report to the doctor and why ?"

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