Unit V Mini Project Community Fire and Risk Prevention Assignment The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply the concepts and information

Percentage of vacant/abandoned or blighted structures

You will repeat this format for each of the three primary characteristics, all of which should fit onto a single page. Remember to use the outline format. If the census data is not available for a specific characteristic, do not invent the data as doing so will skew the outcome and invalidate your data analysis. Once you have completed this portion, move on to Part B below.

Part B: Using the same webpage, click the drop-down menu, “Select a city,” and select your respective city/town. Following the exact same format as used in Part A, create a new page (best to append it to the previous page(s) by simply tapping the “enter” key, or holding down the “control” (ctrl) while pressing “enter,” advancing line spacing to begin a new page). Remember to address all three primary characteristics and all sixteen sub-characteristics. Once you have completed Part B, move on to the final segment-art C.

Part C: For this segment, you will need to rely on your personal knowledge of your community. You must identify as many potential risks that might adversely affect your community and how your fire prevention bureau could best alleviate the risks. You will need to first identify all possible risks that would be human-created risks then identify all possible naturally- occurring risks. You will itemize these risks under their appropriate heading on a new page. Again, you must utilize the outline format.

You do not need to identify human-created risks possibilities by company name, owner name, or street location. Simply identify the type of potential risk posed. Include the hours of operation (if possible), the type of risk being posed, and the area surrounding the location of the risk. Include information relative to potential life-threating risks such as nursing homes, schools, hospitals, and dense residential neighborhoods.

Once completed, identify potential naturally-occurring risks associated to your specific geographical region. These are likely to be few in number and should be added to the end of the list from above.

Your paper must be a minimum of three full pages and not more than five full pages of written text. You must follow APA formatting. In-text-citations are not required, however, a properly written and formatted reference citation will be needed. Part C is understood to originate from your own knowledge of the community; therefore, no citations are warranted.