Transportation Assignment

Please review the directions for the Transportation Assignment below.  It consists of two parts: take the ARMT Transportation Assessment Questionnaire (this is the same questionnaire we completed in class) and fill it out for an older adult who is still driving, or an adult with disabilities who can drive.

You may use the person that you interviewed for the Home Fit Assignment for this course if they are still able to drive.  If not, you may want to ask them if they have a friend over age 50 who can still drive and is willing to fill out the questionnaire.

Part 2 of the Assignment then asks you to assess this individual’s home address and closest town or city to their residence for a walkability score using

Please summarize the results for both parts of this exercise using the Assignment instructions below.  You should also include any other reflections that you have on the transportation issue for older adults and adults with disabilities. 

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