Topic: Benefits of eating fish.

Topic: Benefits of eating fish.

Submissions can be a traditional five-page term paper

1. content: clear and accurate knowledge of your topic and how that knowledge affects decisions about the environment, policy, and daily life

2. references: proper quantity and quality of APA citations

3. effective writing: grammar, spelling, punctuation

4. following directions

Grading Rubric for Writing Assignment


The grading weights for the four assessment areas are: directions (10 percent); scientific content (60 percent); scholarly references (15 percent); and effective writing (grammar, spelling, and punctuation) (15 percent).

A 90-100 percent paper is outstanding (writing excels far above established university standards). It is marked by superior readability and competent handling of content. The submission could be used as an example of outstanding work for other students to emulate.

  • Directions. All general directions followed. No direction errors.
  • Content. Facts, organization, and conclusions follow a clear, logical sequence that supports the thesis statement. Citations of scholarly references support scientific content. Accurate scientific information. No text has been copied verbatim without proper source recognition. Outstanding treatment of applicable course outcome.
  • References. All are properly cited, using in-text and reference list citations; significantly more references are used than are required; many different types of references (e.g., textbook, scientific articles, encyclopedias, reputable Internet references, etc.) are used.
  • Effective writing. No errors. Words are chosen and sentences are constructed to make the information understandable

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