This is a health related project that needs capital investment.

Select a health-related project that needs capital investment. I have selected breast cancer screenings for uninsured patients women or men with the basis that they would not go in and do this as it would cost to much money and they have no insurance.

I need 3 credible sources and a good deal of information. I do have a portion of this paper done but need more content so as I always do I have turned to Brainmass. Any help would be great and please let me know if you have questions

Using a strategic planning and capital budgeting process I need to have these things within my paper: 

First, find and describe multiple sources of public and private funding (i.e., grants, donations, awards, special projects) for this project, including a list of references for your
funding sources.

Companies or organizations I am using for the public and private funding:
Next, identify the funding constraints for each source.

Finally, specify the internal ramifications of moving forward with the capital project and describe how you will structure these funding sources to meet the project’s goals. Also describe the leadership model that would best help to make the project become a reality.

Address the following questions:
What did you take into consideration in order to create a balanced model of resource allocation? (e.g., human resources, community needs, technological advances, regulatory issues)

What are the policies and processes that should be in place?

What adjustments did you need to make to the capital budget policy and process?

What were the alternative solutions taken into consideration in lieu of making a capital purchase?

How do state and federal regulations impact the strategic plan?

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