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Week 5 – Discussion

Discussion Prompt

Review the case study below and respond

As a medical biller and coder for a podiatrist’s office, you have been asked to research the benefits and detriments of using electronic records (EHR) for your patients. Use the UMA virtual library to do your comparison and explain why EHR has become such a controversial topic. Be sure to properly cite your sources using APA format.

For this discussion, you will use the UMA Virtual Library, as well as the Internet or a community library to answer the questions. Be sure to properly cite your resources.

Discussion Expectations

Writing and collaborating are important skills for a career in the allied healthcare field. The discussion forum is a way to practice refining your writing skills and having professional conversations with other students. UMA expects all students to demonstrate scholastic honesty. Plagiarism, using another’s ideas or writing without crediting the source, is not an acceptable practice.

In order to meet the discussion forum expectations, you will need to follow the steps below.

  1. Complete this week’s modules/presentations and readings and respond to the discussion prompt.
  2. Read and reply to the posts from your instructor and/or classmates.
  3. Check off each step of the discussion checklist (below) to receive full credit.

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