The tuning fork is on a stand to the right.

To demonstrate standing waves, one end of a string is attached to a tuning fork with frequency 120Hz.  The tuning fork is on a stand to the right.  The other end of the string passes over a pulley and is connected to a suspended mass M which is on the left.  The value of M is such that the standing wave pattern has four loops.  The length of the string from the tuning fork to the point where the string touches the top of the pulley is 1.20m.  The linear density of the string is 1.0 x 10-4 kg/m and remains constant throughout the experiment. Determine the wavelength of the standing waveDetermine the speed of transverse waves along the stringThe speed of waves along the string increases with increasing tension in the string.  Indicate whether value of M should be increased or decreased to double number of loops in standing wave pattern.  WhyIf a poin on the strin at an antimode moves a total vertical distance of 5 cm during one complete cycle what is the amplitude of the standing wave?

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