The purpose of this assessment is for you to learn how to summarize and critically evaluate a scientific paper on environmental toxins.

The purpose of this assessment is for you to learn how to summarize and critically evaluate a scientific paper on environmental toxins.

To begin, choose a toxin to research. Note: The CDC Web site and other materials listed in the Resources should provide you with a starting point in selecting a toxin.

Then, select at least two peer-reviewed articles about your chosen toxin to read carefully. Craft a 3–4-page analysis of the toxin’s impact on human health based on what you have learned. Address the following in your analysis:

  • Highlight the main points presented in the articles you read. What message are the authors trying to convey about that toxin?
  • Describe the possible sources of human exposure to this toxin, and analyze their risk.
  • Analyze what happens when this toxin enters the environment.
  • Analyze the persistency of this toxin.
  • Analyze the federal government’s recommendations for protecting human health from this toxin.
  • Describe what other sources of information say about these toxins.
    • Identify any discrepancies you found in your research.
    • If the authors have different perspectives, how might these differing views affect environmental health?

Your analysis should follow a logical structure and be evidence based. Use the MEAL Plan to help guide the organization of your analysis:

  • Main Idea: Present the main point or idea that you are making about the environmental toxin you studied.
  • Evidence: What does the research say? Support your statements with evidence from your research and personal experience.
  • Analysis: Summarize main ideas from articles related to the points outlined for this assessment. Compare and contrast the ideas of the authors of the two articles. Identify those ideas and facts that relate directly or indirectly to your main point. Make explicit links between source articles, your personal experience, and your current analysis.
  • Link: Integrate and combine information from the source articles and your personal experience to your main point or idea.

Additional Requirements

Use the APA Paper Template (linked in the Resources under the Required Resources heading) to format your analysis.

  • Written Communication:Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • Length: This analysis should be 3–4 pages in content length. Include a separate title page and a separate references page.
  • Font and Font Size: Times New Roman, 12-point, double-spaced. Use Microsoft Word.
  • APA Formatting: Resources and in-text citations should be formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.
  • Number of Resources: You are required to cite a minimum of 2 scholarly resources. You may conduct independent research for resources and references to support your analysis. Provide a reference list and in-text citations for all of your resources, using APA format. You may cite texts and authors from the Resources.

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