The person situation controversy, behavior, psychology exercise help

ANSWER THE FOLLOWING FOUR QUESTIONS in a at least 1600 words —>using contents from psychology.

Each question must have a comprehensive response about 400-500 words AT LEAST

1) Your text discusses “the person-situation” controversy and how it relates to trait theories. Identify one particular personality trait that you think you possess. Briefly describe two situations where you feel that your behavior was more strongly influenced by the situation than by your identified trait. Why do you think that happened in each situation?

2) Our behavior is very much influenced by the principles of operant and classical conditioning, although we are often not aware of it at the time. This exercise is intended to enhance that awareness. Pick a particular day on which to conduct this exercise, and at the end of the day, reflect back on your experiences while answering these questions:

a) Identify two situations where you experienced positive reinforcement.b) Identify one situation where you experienced either positive punishment or negative punishment. c) Identify one situation where your response was due to classical conditioning.

3) Defence mechanisms are unconscious reactions that protect us from feeling anxiety. Although we are not usually aware that we are engaging in defence mechanisms at the time, it often becomes obvious to us at a later date. Name one defence mechanism and give one instance where you think you were making use of it.

4) a) What is the most valuable thing that you have learned about human behavior as far? b) What have you learned that has surprised you the most about human behavior?

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