the modern day world is faced with so many different threats sourced either from humanity, assignment help


It is clear that the modern day world is faced with so many different threats sourced either from humanity or the natural world beyond the control of human beings. Categorically speaking, the truth of the matter is a disaster can appear at any given time and can cause devastating dangers to the population as well as to the economy and the like. With this knowledge, the government through the legislative bodies and executive have been able to develop various response agencies that are always available in times of such shortcomings (Wise, 2006). They help in one way or another in bringing the solution to the issue. This paper discusses the possibility of terrorist attack.

The attack

As a nation, we are always at a risk of being attacked by external or internal terrorists. We face such risks due to the stand on various issues including the radicalization and the war in different parts of the world. As civilian, it is possible that we can easily be stricken with bombs or other explosive devices at any given time prompting the need to be always vigilant and prepare for any disaster. The terrorist may decide to attack the city since we have stood against the terrorist for many years and that we have a very populous region.

Effects of the disaster

Such an attack can be so devastating in some way. It is a fatal disaster with that is likely to cause much loss of lives. More so the disaster will leave many casualties who will require being attended in one way or another. It is also likely that many will lose contact with their loved ones and thus will need a way of tracing them back (Wise, 2006). Additionally on the same not properties and business are likely to be destroyed and thus the need for a multiagency response to hand the situation.


One of the agencies that will be expected to respond to this disaster is the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This is the body mandated by the congressional law to ensure that offer emergency services in conjunction with homeland security (Homeland Security Council. 2010). The agency has the mandate to assess the situation immediately after it occurs and ascertain the extent of the damage and them advice on the necessary action required to save life and properties.

The other emergency agency can be the American Red Cross which will be instrumental in bringing reliefs to the disaster-hit region. The agency will be essential in ensuring there is reduced suffering. It assists in set up temporally shelters as well as provide clothing and food to the victims. Working together with FEMA, the Red Cross will be able to understand the extent of the damage and the disaster itself and also be able to get access to different government facilities that will provide the services to the victims (Homeland Security Council. 2010). In essence, with the agencies and the people, it will be much possible to respond to the issue and ensure that everything goes back to normal with an ease that is required.


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Your response to the prompt includes a good description of the threat; however, some additional discussion is needed. For example, your response should include some discussion on how the organizations might interact and coordinate their efforts when responding to the threat. What types of barriers will the agencies contend with? What mechanisms exist that can be used to overcome those barriers? Feel free to let me know if you need some additional guidance.”

Respond to the questions in the bold paragraph ABOVE base on the section above it… in APA format with At least two reference…..

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