Tertiary Health Care Roles and Functions–Assignment


Over the next few units, you will complete three similar tables exploring health care settings. In this assignment, you will complete the first of the three tables. In the final unit, you will review the three tables you have completed, to identify an area in which you might be interested in pursuing your health care management career.

Spend some time exploring each area, even if you have already decided which setting you want to pursue. It is important to understand the roles of your health care colleagues, including what they do—and what motivates them.

Using the Tertiary Health Care Roles and Functions Table provided in the Resources, examine the professions and departments typically found in a hospital setting. Note that the list from the table is not all-inclusive. These are simply some of the most visible roles in tertiary health care.

Determine the following for each role or professional area:

  • Where it fits as a component in the chronic health care model (which you are studying in this unit).
  • What the job duties entail, or what services it provides.
  • What might motivate individuals in that job role (typically more than money).
  • Whether the role is reimbursable by insurance.
  • What specific education or preparation is required for the role (include degree and topic of study, such as bachelor’s degree in nursing).
  • The name of the primary professional organization representing the role.

Refer to the Tertiary Health Care Roles and Functions Example for further guidance on completing the table.

Once you have completed the table, pick one field in which you could see yourself potentially managing or working after graduation. In one or two paragraphs, describe the role as you see it. Describe how you would motivate your colleagues and employees. Identify professional organizations pertinent to this role.

Be sure to complete the entire assignment. As with all of your assignments, examine the scoring guide (linked in the Resources) for guidance on earning optimal credit for your work.

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