Table 4: pH Versus Number of Microbial Colonies PH 5 6 0 3 8 9 10 Number of Colonies Observed 2 24 36 124 268 296 213 98 34 1. What patterns do you

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Table 4: pH Versus Number of Microbial ColoniesPH56038910Number of Colonies Observed2243612426829621398341. What patterns do you observe based on the information in Table 4?2. Develop a hypothesis relating the pH level of the culture media to the number of microbial colonies observed in each cul-ture.3. What would your experimental approach be to test this hypothesis?4. What would be the independent and dependent variables?5. What would be your control?6. What type of graph would be appropriate for this data set? Why?7. Graph the data from Table 4.8. Interpret the data from the graph you made in Question 7.