Systems Engineering & Integration

Chapter 2 Exercises:

2- #12:  What is the full meaning of the phrase “designing for the life cycle”?

2- #20:  Pick up a design consideration at the lowest level in Figure 2.8 (Hierarchy of system design considerations.) Discuss its position and impact on each of the next higher levels.

Chapter 3 Exercises:

3 – #3:  Through a review of literature, describe the QFD approach and how it could be applied in helping to define the requirements for a given system design?

3 –  #6:  Why is it important to define specific mission scenarios (or operational profiles) within the context of the system operational requirements?

3 –  #13:  In evaluating whether or not a two- or three-level maintenance concept should be specified, what factors would you consider in the evaluation process?

3 –  #15:  Why is the development of Technical Performance Measures (TPMs) important?

3 –  #20:  How does the functional analysis lead into the definition of specific resource requirements in the form of hardware, software, people, data, facilities, and so on? Briefly describe the steps in the process, and include an example. What is the purpose of the block numbering shown in Figures 3.20 through 3.22?

Please answer these questions.

I found the answer for couple of them on the internet, please don’t copy it and try to use your own words.

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