Sustainability Report-Business Comparison

In this assignment, I have to read and evaluate the Annual Sustainability Report of Coca-Cola Enterprises, (2) compare it to a company of

my own choosing, and (3) compare it to internationally accepted third-party metrics. I have completed a good amount of the report however there are a few parts that I am stuck on. I also will need this proofread for citations.grammar, etc.

I have attached below the required documents to be evaluated. The goal of this assignment is to evaluate the ways that businesses interpret, measure and promote the concept of sustainability. I have also included a draft of the paper I have completed (please use this document to continue) as well as a copy of the requirements of the assignment and what questions need to be answered within the paper.

Some notes about my paper. On the first page in the second paragraph it’s highlighted in yellow, I’m not sure how to cite that paragraph as its information from the report but not all a direct quote. If you can find a way to rephrase this, please do so.

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