summary of the content of the lecture and apply their acquired knowledge to the course.

Psychology homework help
Prepare a 3-4 page summary of the content of the lecture and apply their acquired knowledge to the course. Please note that participants in the Master Lecture Series gain exposure to emerging trends within their industry.

Learners who attend the Master Lecture in person or online click the link to download the Certificate of Attendance This certificate would then need to be uploaded to the Activities of your course for your Mentor to award the points.

If Learners choose to view archived lectures of a former presenter in the Master Lecture Series, please use the following link, Learners will be able to download a Certificate of Attendance after viewing the video. This Certificate,, along with the 3-4 page Reflection Paper, will then be required to be uploaded to the activities page of the course syllabus.

If Learners choose to attend an outside workshop, seminar or conference, the proof of Registration as well as a reflection paper should be submitted. See above for further instructions.

Additionally, Learners may submit a Position Paper as their Extra credit Assignment.

A Position Paper differs from a traditional paper in that it includes one’s opinions, viewpoints, feelings, and the evidence that supports them. The main purpose for this activity is to understand an issue better by researching all sides of the issue thoroughly. It will allow you to use your critical thinking skills to analyze the different arguments of an issue and then articulate you own position on the issue.

Prepare a 3-4 page Position Paper on a specific topic of interest that is related to the course content, but was not covered in this course. Provide examples where appropriate and express opinions with research to substantiate. You are encouraged to utilize California Southern University’s Online Library and/or the Internet.

In completing the Extra Credit Assignment, your responses must be comprehensive in using terminology and/or concepts presented in the lecture. Use APA formatting that includes double-spacing, 12-point font with one inch margins. Be sure to cite your resources and provide the references using APA format. Must have Turnitin for review and verification.

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