Study Question: Emotional Intelligence, health and medicine homework help

Emotional Intelligence. We’ve all seen/known that smart people fail and some amazing people cannot manage efforts on a team. It’s not because they lack intelligence or ability – perhaps it’s a lack of critical ability to manage emotions under pressure. Many theorists have shown that emotional intelligence, or having an awareness and understanding of emotions has a significant impact on communications and group functioning. YOU did an emotional intelligence inventory.

  • Your survey experience.
    1. In a brief paragraph, please report to the extent that you feel comfortable, your responses/reactions to the Emotional Intelligence survey you took. Was it insightful? Was it surprising? Were there any great gains? (1 point)
    2. Does emotional intelligence matter in professional communications and in group processing? How does it affect the quality and safety, directly or indirectly? (1 point)
      Finally, from Chapter 8,
      1. what are characteristics of an EFFECTIVE group (1 paragraph – 1 point)
      2. What are characteristics of an effective GROUP LEADER (1 paragraph – 1 point)

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