Socio-Ecological Assessment

Elderly African American population with Diabetes

For this Final Project, select a population and public health issue of interest. Consider the health issue with regard to this population and how social determinants of health contribute to the health behaviors observed within this population.

The Assignment (10-15 pages)

  • Describe the population and public health issue that you selected.
  • Define the indicators of the issue (i.e., incidence, mortality, morbidity, and hospitalizations) and explain how these influence the population and public health issue you selected.
  • Identify at least two social determinants of health that impact the public health issue you selected.
  • Explain how the social determinants of health impact the health-related risk behaviors for your population.
  • Describe the significance of socio-ecological theory and its application to this issue.
  • Propose an intervention across all levels of the SEM for your population and public health issue.
  • Explain how applying your intervention across all levels of the SEM will contribute to positive health outcomes.
  • Develop a visual representation of how you have applied the SEM and include the table and diagram for the intervention you are proposing. Refer to the Socio-Ecological Model(PDF) in this Week’s learning resources as an example of a visual representation.
  • Describe which stakeholders and organizations you will work with to execute your intervention.
  • Explain how you would apply the principles of community-based participatory research for this intervention.
  • Explain the likelihood that your intervention would be successful in contributing to favorable health outcomes for the population you selected.
  • Briefly explain how your proposed intervention addresses at least two of the essential public health services. Be specific and provide examples.