Skills and Career, health and medicine homework help



Review the Discussion Board grading rubric in the course Syllabus.

Your initial response to the Discussion topic should be a minimum of 200 words. You should also provide at least two responses to your classmates that should be a minimum of 100 words. In your peer replies, you are encouraged to challenge responses to promote critical thinking on all sides of a discussion. You are required to list all references utilized in APA format, including in-text citations at the end of each sentence where outside sources were used.


In this discussion, take some time to reflect on the skills you have learned and how they will enhance your future career and job search as you review two videos:

Building Your Resume Using Externship Experience and KU Relevant Coursework (View the transcript here)

Networking: LinkedIn (View transcript here)

Then, pick one of the following questions. Be sure to respond to at least two student colleagues. One of your responses must be to a student who chose a question different than your choice.

Choice 1: The video Building Your Resume Using Externship Experience and KU Relevant Coursework says you should identify coursework that is most relevant to the job you are seeking. In your post:

● Discuss 2 jobs where you will benefit from taking research methods in health science.
● Provide a link to a job description of one of the jobs you have identified.
● Would this be a job you might be interested in? Explain your answer.

Choice 2: Hopefully the video Networking: LinkedIn gave you some ideas of how you can use the skills you are learning in this course can help you identify groups within LinkedIn® that can help you expand your knowledge of research methods even further and impress others about what you already know. You might consider focusing on quality improvement, since health facilities extensively use quality initiatives. Address the following in your post:

● What are some of the skills you have learned in this course that you can highlight in your LinkedIn profile to help gain the attention of employers?
● Identify at least one group noted in LinkedIn that would be beneficial for you to join. Explain how this group could help you. Draft your request to join the group to potentially get feedback from your student colleagues to improve your ideas before submitting a request to join the group.

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