Second paper

2nd paper

Watch the video (Drugged: High on Alcohol) and answer the following three questions

–          Each answer should be about a 200 word’s paragraph (Total: 600 words, 3 paragraphs) + a conclusion


1) What were the Nature components that drove him to drink? What were the Nurture components that drove him to drink?

(Draw from the articleNature Nurture None of the Above)

2) How did his peers contribute to his drinking problem? How did his peers try to intervene and stop his drinking problem?

(Draw from the articleThe Power of Peers)

3) Did Ryan seem to be thinking about the long-term consequences of his drinking? If so, how? If not, why do you think he did not?

(Draw from the article Epstein- The Myth of the Teen Brain)

4) Conclusion

·         Please make sure you quote from the readings

Video link: High on Alcohol)

Articles: Attached

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