Science 100-300 words per questions *DO NOT PLAGIARIZE****

1)  Compare and contrast highly developed countries (HDCs) and less developed countries (LDCs). Include in your answer three examples of countries in each category; a description of the gap between categories; and the similarities and differences that one might expect to see in these types of countries.

2)  Explain why a single child born in the United States can have a greater effect on the environment than 12 or more children born in a developing country.

3)  Some people want scientists to give them precise, definite answers to environmental problems. Explain why this is not possible, and explain its implications on an ongoing environmental problem (e.g., climate change, etc.).

4)  How does a food web differ conceptually from a food chain? Which is more realistic, and why?

5)  Briefly summarize the first and second laws of thermodynamics and then explain how each is applicable to the study of ecosystems and energy.

6)  Discuss the contributions of saprotrophs and detritivores to a balanced ecosystem. Identify two representatives of each group in your discussion.

7)  List and describe four ways in which solar radiation makes life on Earth possible.

8)  List and briefly explain three ways in which human activities are impacting the biogeochemical cycles. 

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