Safety and disaster prevention for nuclear accidents., assignment help

The topic is Safety and disaster prevention for nuclear accidents.

I need an abstract about the above topic. I am going to list down the research paper requirements, but you are not required to do the whole research paper now, I only need an abstract.

  • Requirements for the abstract of research paper:

Research your topic and find at least 10 journal articles in the topic. Please check the following website that discusses the difference between journal (scholarly) vs. magazine article –

Rule of thumb: Journal articles will always have a list of references at the end of the article and non-journal articles will not do this.

Read the 10 articles and write an abstract about your topic based on the facts that you gathered from the journal articles. The abstract should not be less than one page, double-spaced, Times New Roman 10 pt. font.

Use APA style.

Note: After I receive the abstract, I will post a question in Study pool to get 12 – 14 pages of research paper based on this abstract.

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