Role and importance of meteorology station, engineering homework help


Essay about the Meteorology Station

  • Introduction, Role and importance of meteorology station, number of meteorology station in Oman. (5 Marks)
  • Critical Review of rainfall measurement technologies + types and details of rainfall gauges at least 5 types. (10 Marks)
  • Indicate the main parameters measured in a typical meteorology station and explain the technics used for each measurement. (10 Marks)
  • Conclusion. (7 Marks)
  • Recommendation. ( 7 Marks)
  • References. (3 Marks)

Guidelines for the Report:

Report should not be more than 2000 words

Report should contain table of contents and figures, nomenclature.

Tables and Figures should be with Captions and References.

Note: Plagiarism is a serious offence. In case of any plagiarism detected, penalty will be imposed leading to zero mark.


Harvard style Referencing, should be followed for both in-text and listing references.


note: see the attached file it is an example which can help you.

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