Research Paper Read Description

The Research Paper will discuss 6 major ideas that make up the basics of personality theory as well as include a section on biblical integration.

These are the required topics that should be viewed from the perspective of: How is this related to personality? Each topic (article selected) must be clearly connected to personality.


1.     Nature versus Nurture

2.     The Unconscious

3.     View of Self

4.     Development

5.     Motivation

6.     Maturation


Must follow the outline given in attachment to structure the paper; it is important that it do not stray from the outline.


It is imperative that your Research Paper include scholarly research and not your opinion. The paper is a presentation of research regarding each of the required headings. The paper must use 3rd person writing instead of 1st person (I, my, we) or second person (you) language. The Research Paper must include 8–10 pages of text (not including the title, abstract, or reference pages).


The Research Paper requires the use of at least 10 scholarly references (books and journal articles). At least 6 of these references must be scholarly journal articles. Do not use dictionaries, encyclopedias, websites, book reviews, or your textbook as references in your paper. Must use the Bible, but it does not count toward the 10 scholarly references.


Be sure to follow current APA formatting per the current APA manual. Must include in-text citations as well as a reference page within the paper. Paraphrasing with citations is strongly preferred over direct quotes. If the paper do not include any in-text citations in this assignment, a zero will be received.