research paper prof james

The Research Paper is the capstone assignment for this course and is to be a written representative of the research conducted on the psychophysiological aspects of an sleep disorder information provided. Using the 5 journal articles on the chosen issue (which will be provided). then summarize your findings in an 8–10-page paper, written in current APA style.

  1. Title Page, Abstract, and References

    It is important for you to use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association as you format your paper. The Title Page is to reflect the formatting of the current APA manual with a running head and page number. The Abstract is to consist of pertinent information regarding the paper and must not exceed the number of words outlined by the current APA manual. The Title Page, Abstract, and References submission must reflect proper and current APA formatting.

  1. Research Paper

     an 8–10-page paper in current APA style summarizing an aspect of a selected psychophysiological topic from the sleep disorder. The final paper must include the pages turned in for the first step with the corrections given from the instructor made, or the feedback given from the instructor followed. You are encouraged to use APA headings in the body of the paper. The headings outline the paper for the reader and are encouraged but not required. The 8–10 pages include the abstract, the body, and the conclusion. The title and references pages are not included in the total page number requirement.

    Use provided notes to make adjustments to previous abstract and material to be covered in paper.

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