Read the following article: The 5 Most Dangerous Foodborne Pathogens….

Read the following article: 

The 5 Most Dangerous Foodborne Pathogens

According to this article (The 5 Most Dangerous Foodborne Pathogens), it can be tricky to decide which foodborne pathogens are the most dangerous.

– What is your opinion? Is it the severity of an illness that makes it dangerous? Or the number of people sickened by it?- Based on your opinion, what would be the most dangerous one among this list of five? Why?

– Considering what you have learnt in this week and what you learnt during the previous weeks, do you think that foodborne pathogens are more dangerous than waterborne pathogens?

– Overall, there are actually four levels at which food can become contaminated. What are these levels?

N.B: All references should be in a chosen style (APA preferably

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