For this task, develop an Abbreviated Concept Paper, including an Introduction, Problem, Purpose, Questions, Literature Review (including a conceptual or theoretical framework), and an outline of the proposed Research Methods section.

Your assignment is to write a complete draft of your Concept Paper, making sure it is properly organized, well-written, and in accord with the PPT Concept Paper presentation (located under the heading ‘Dissertation Conference Calls’).

At the bottom of your paper, paste the sections noted in the PPT Concept Paper presentation and explain how each section meets the criteria for the section.

You will revise this document more than once in your doctoral program and your instructor may require revisions prior to grading this assignment.

Length: 7-10 pages or longer depending on the length of your literature review (and not including the title page, reference list, or Checklist)

My topic is Effects autism on the parent and family of affected individual: focusing on psychological,emotional ,economical and social effects.

References: 10 – 15

According to the template, include a formatted Table of Contents (TOC) and use at least three levels of headings in your paper as defined by APA Section 3.03 in milestone documents. These headings will link to form your TOC, which, if set up correctly, is created automatically in MS Word. Use one of the following suggested approaches to automatically format your TOC:

  • Use the built in MS Word automatic “Create a Table of Contents” feature. In MS Word help, type “Create TOC”
  • In the Dissertation Center, access the handout named, “Table of Contents.” Several tutorials can be found on the Internet as well.

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