Questions in lecture 13-14, health and medicine homework help

Please answer the 3 question and use the materials that attached for the last 2 questions

1- Describe the “TIOBE Programming Community Index” and the trends it reflects from 2002 to 2013. What are the limitations of this “index?” (Limit your answer to six sentences.)

2- From the Ousterhout article, describe three ways in which system programming languages and scripting languages differ. What characteristic or characteristics of scripting languages allows greater developer productivity when they are used for some programming tasks? (Limit your answer to six sentences.)

3- Review the Patrick & Budd (Ockham’s Razor) and Kuhn (European HIS) papers from Lecture 4 and give your view on component-based or other approaches to customer-defined workflows in the EHR of the future. (Limit your answer to ten sentences.)

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