Question 4 : Question 4: Read Page 456 / Ch. 14. 61 and the short article shown in the box to the right . A – Observe the change In structure from

5.Provide the mechanism for the dehydration of 1-methylcyclopentanol. Show the reactants and the mechanism for the formation of the product; name the product.

Question 4 :Question 4: Read Page 456 / Ch. 14. 61 and theshort article shown in the box to the right .A – Observe the change In structure from the redI’ve to the blue dye ; Name the functional group inpill – `the red dye and the name of the functional group*it changed to in the blue dye . 10.5 points ]& – What could you add to the red dye to changeit into the blue dye ? Draw the reaction including*The anthocyanins In blackcurrant – based hallI’ve produce red or blue hunt , as soon In theall reactants and products . (1 point !shadow at this braid , depending on PH .C – What could you add to the blue dye to changeCONSUMER PRODUCTSit into the red dye ? Draw the reaction includingall reactants and products . (1 point !Colorful hair dyesQuestion 5 : Read Hands – On Chemistry 16. 1 ( pagefrom blackcurrants508 – end of Ch. 16. 31It has been aid that Handles have More fun , but thanks to some clever chemFatTy; the hottest hair hue could soon be blackcurrant . Researchers at theA – Complete Part a 14 points )University of Leads , led by Richard &. Blackburn and Christopher ML. ALITYTICT .have developed a natural hair dye made with anthocyanins Extracted from theB – Complete Part b ( do ONLY these 6 : Crestor ,piquant bunnies" skins ( J. ALE. Food Chen Said , COL . 10. 1021 / ace , Jaffe RboID4 1) .Synthroid , Nexium , Ventolin , Vyvanse , Lyrica)The skins are generated as waste from the production of Ribena, a blackcur -`Tant cordial that’s popular in the LIKE. Using a water – based process and special16 points ]Filters , the researchers were able to collect the anthocyanins . If applied at“PH of about 4. the dye will color hair red_ Application at a PH of G leads to“blue collar. Combining the anthocyanin wih natural yellow dyes. producesa range of browns . The color is semipermanent , washing out after about adozen shampoos . Blackburn and Rayner believe the blackcurrant dyes offer`safer, Greener alternative to hair dyes derived from petrochemicals . The blackcurrant – based hair color will be available this summer from the spin- off comMany Keracall and sold under the DE. Craft brand._ BETHANY HALFORD

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