psyc 3012 discussion question, 4 paragraphs minimum

  • Examine your intervention.(Getting Active)<——– is the intervention
  • Consider the information provided by addicts in this week’s media regarding the effectiveness of your assigned intervention.
  • Reflect on the readings “Facilitating 12-Step Recovery From Substance Abuse” and “Alcoholics Anonymous: Still Sober After 75 Years.”
  • Research two or more resources that pertain to your intervention.
  • Identify two effective strategies related to your intervention, explain why these strategies are effective, and provide an example of how these strategies might be used in a TSF.  

Post by Day 4 a brief synopsis of the intervention you examined. Identify and summarize two effective intervention strategies, and explain why you think these strategies are effective. Provide an example of how the strategies might be used in a TSF, and support your response with references to the media.

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