Provided only minimal response with no elaboration OR failed to complete follow-up postings.

Fromm’s concept of the syndrome of decay included three personality disorders: (1) necrophilia, or love of death; (2) malignant narcissism, or extreme self- interest; and (3) incestuous symbiosis, or a passionate devotion to one’s mother or a mother substitute. For example, Fromm identified Adolf Hitler as the most conspicuous example of a person with the syndrome of decay. If Fromm’s concepts are valid, we should see the syndrome of decay traits in contemporary personalities.
Your task is to search for recent examples of well-known people with the syndrome of decay; pay special attention to malignant narcissism and incestuous symbiosis. For each example you find, full explain and defend your analysis.
Please post your findings. In addition, pose one follow-up question to the class and respond to the questions of at least TWO of your classmates.
Erich Fromm

General Discussion Reminders:
You are required to post your initial answers by Friday at midnight; your comments on the postings of your classmates are due on Sunday at midnight. Please be sure that your comments to peers are substantive; in other words, do not simply write “I agree”; if you agree, go on to expand your comments and add your own insights.
I will use the following grading rubric to score your discussion postings:


    • 1 – 3 points – Provided only minimal response with no elaboration OR failed to complete follow-up postings.


    • 4 – 7 points – Provided basic response and follow-up postings. All postings are clear and relevant, but need to be elaborated in more detail.


  • 8 – 10 points – Provided detailed, complete responses and follow-up postings. All responses are elaborated and clear

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