Protein is the third essential macro-nutrient.

One function of lipid is to provide energy. Glucose is our body’s preferred energy source, but fatty acids provide an alternative energy source when needed.

Protein is the third essential macro-nutrient. This forum explores in more depth lipid and protein.

Initial Post: If your last name starts with the following letter, then you will discuss the following topic for your initial post.

First Letter of Last Name


A through K

Topic 1

L through Z

Topic 2

Topic 1:  Dietary fat has been vilified.  Is this a correct characterization of this macronutrient? Is all fat bad?

Topic 2: How big is your protein footprint?  Does a meat-rich diet have an adverse impact on our environment?  Does it contribute to global warming?

Your initial forum must be at least 250 words and posted by Tuesday 11:55 pm EST. You need to state your thesis and support it with evidence and at least one outside, reputable reference. Your textbook is not an outside reference. Remember, there is no right or wrong. Before you post your initial forum discussion, submit it in the assignment area, so its originality is checked by Your originality index or score should be less than 15%. If it is greater than 15%, rewrite your discussion, submit it again in the assignment area and check the %. Keep doing this until your % is less than 15 and then post your discussion in the forum.  Please note, it can take 24 hours for the second submission to be checked, and the score returned.  If you do not check your post, then I will take points off.

Follow-up Post: Once you have posted your initial forum discussion, you must reply to at least two other learner’s post.  Each follow-up post must be from a different topic.  So, for your initial post, you will respond to the assigned topic. For your first follow-up post you will respond to a different topic and for your second follow-up post, you may respond to either topic.  Of course, you are more than welcome to respond to more than two learners. Your follow-up posts must be at least 100 words and posted by Sunday 11:55 pm EST.

Grading: Your initial forum and follow-up posts will be graded based on the following rub

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