Problem I: A weight lifter fills a set of weights amp; Vertical thislines of I. “’ m. If a constant net Tone of “` N is excited in the weights ,

please post all the questions and answer with explanation

and also diagrams too………….

Problem I: A weight lifter fills a set of weights & Vertical thislines of I. “’ m. If a constant net Tone of “` N is excitedin the weights , what Is the net work done on the weights"Problem I: }9i’d at work is required to nurse a suitcase of SO ke.Al How far is the suitcase lifted !"by What is the work done by the gravitational force on the suitcase during this distance?"Problem &: A worker pushes . I. JO # 17^ ^` smile from rest with a honzontal force of 345 K a distance of 24.0 17.Around the coefficient of Kinetic friction between the crate and the Maur is 0. 2 20.*] How much work is done by the worker on the cake "b) What is the net work done on the site by ALL applied forces ? ( draw Free hardly diagram![ ] What is the change in the Late’ ; Kinetic Energy!"*! What’s the final speed of the cake at the End of the 24.I’ m distance ?"Problem*` Calculate the speed of an &. ` & In’ KE ist with a kinetic Energy of 1. 1* 10′ ].Problem {` Two millers have masses of ! ! Band GNE, respectively. Hath are fired with a speed of 10.0` IT’s`a ) Which bullet has marc kinetic crazy?"by What is the ratio of their kinetic Energies?"Problem & A ZUNI KE car accelerates from rest by " forward force of 1 140 K and by a Dog N resistive forge due to`variou` frictional forces . L’at the work – kinetic Energy theurem to determine how far the car must travel for its speed to`reach ` ` IT’sProblem ]: A ISON KE car starts from rest at the top of a driver`; that is Sloped at an angle of 20. 1^ with the horizontalAn avenge friction force of 1. Ooo " impedes the car’s motion & that the car’s speed at the bition of the driveway [s ]`It’s . What is the length of the driveway` ?’ I Don’ free brady dingman !Problem &: A 75 KE can is pushed along . horizontal surface. After it has been pushed a distance of 1 5 m starting fromrest, its speed is GOIT` . Find the magnitude of the not fore on the car.Problem }}: Calculate the angle between Victor A = 6. HI – 3.41 – 6.ZE and vector A = $ 21 + 2.31 – 1.06Problem In : Calculate the work done by F = 201 + BOY in the object’s displacement is given by # = 1.01 – 2.51* I using the dot product property for work W = F . "` living the equation W` = F . O . county

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