problem emergence and DILM

1- Look for an example from the real world about problem emergence.  It can be a news article, a video, whatever – but some documentation of the first step in the dialectic issue lifecycle model.  Link to it, or copy it here, and explain briefly why you think it is an example.

These don’t have to be huge writings – some explanation, a bullet point or two.  Again, respond to what other people post.

We’ll be doing this each week, with a different step in the model each time.

I’m going to post one each week too, so you can see how I’m thinking about it.


Beginning with Week Six and running through Week Ten, each student will find, post and analyze a different real-world example of part of the DILM (  Dialectic Issue Lifecycle Model) framework. The example should demonstrate one of the parts of the framework in action, and may be historical or current.  These should be shared on Moodle, and may be linked to or uploaded here.  Be sure to reference your findings properly, giving credit where it is due.

DILM in the real world  (250 points: 5 examples, 50 points each)

For each of these examples, draw on current events, the news, an example from your work, your studies – whatever you find that is an exemplar and relates to this step of transition analysis.  Post an article, link to it, upload a picture – but be sure to explain it.  Why have you chosen this particular item?  Walk us through it, with explanations and relating it back to our readings.  If you quote someone or draw on a particular reading, please reference it.

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