prepare a report on five different plants that pose a threat..etc with lab report/questions

Imagine that you are working as a veterinary scientist and you have been called in to assess some grazing pasture for livestock. Using information from the following links below or other resources that you find in your research, prepare a report on five different plants that pose a threat to grazing livestock in one Canadian province.


All labs require written lab reports, along with complete answers to all questions.

In the report, you should:

1. identify five different plant species that are potentially poisonous or toxic to livestock such as cows or horses.

2. Describe what the plants look like, including descriptions of any flowers or seeds, so that the farmer or rancher could identify the plants.

3. Discuss the typical habitat for the plant. Where would the plant most likely be found?

4. Describe the symptoms or signs of this poisonous/toxic plant in livestock.

5. Asses how toxic the plant is. For example, how much of a plant would cattle have to ingest for the cattle to become ill.

6. Identify what treatment options might be available for livestock who have been infected. If a plant is highly toxic, it is okay to state that treatment is unlikely to succeed.

Remember, I need a written lab report with the answers to these questions in it. Thank you.

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