Positive factors for a hospital, health and medicine homework help

Quality and clear transparency about quality are the ways of the world these days. Let’s see an example of what’s out there !

  • Select two acute care hospitals in your area or state.
  • Then, go to Joint Commission: QUALITY CHECK and by using either your zip code or an organization’s name, review and compare quality information on the two hospitals.
  • Provide a short (1-2 paragraph) report on the following indicators:
  1. Hospital and ranking or some type of score (if possible).
  2. Positive factors for the hospital
  3. Your impressions as a consumer
  4. Your impressions as a healthcare provider
  • NO additional reference required in this Module discussion
  • Thurs, Dec 1: Initial post: due (7 points)
  • Sun, Dec 4:: Reply posts (2, minimum on 2 different days) due (3 points)

I live in Minnesota.

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