Polymer Dynamics Paige Chen , a chemist in Polymer Dynamics’ resins labora – 1. Foam board is stiff _but can be formed or bonded to itself tory , is…

Polymer Dynamics. Discussing the questions at the end of the case.

5. Polymer DynamicsPaige Chen , a chemist in Polymer Dynamics’ resins labora -1. Foam board is stiff _but can be formed or bonded to itselftory , is trying to decide how hard to fight for the new productby heat alone .she has developed . Chen’s job is to find new , more profitable2 . Foam board is extremely lightweight and easy to handle . Itapplications for the company’s present resin products – and her*has good structural rigidity .*current efforts are running into unexpected problems .3 . Foam board has excellent and permanent insulating character-During the last four years , Chen has been under heavy pres -istics . ( In fact , the major use for foam board is as an insulator . )sure from her managers to come up with an idea that will open4. Foam board provides an excellent base on which to apply aup new markets for the company’s foamed polystyrene .variety of surface finishes , such as a readily availableTwo years ago , Chen developed the " foamed – domeconcrete- based stucco that is durable and inexpensive .concept " – a method of using foamed polystyrene to makedome- shaped roof’s and other structures . She described the pro -Using her good selling abilities , Chen easily convinced hercedure for making domes as follows : The construction of amanagers that her idea had potential .foamed dome involves the use of a specially designed machineAccording to a preliminary study by the marketing researchthat bends , places , and bonds pieces of plastic foam togetherdepartment , the following were areas of construction thatinto a predetermined dome shape . In forming a dome , thecould be served by the domes :`machine head is mounted on a boom , which swings around apivot like the hands of a clock , laying and bonding layer upon1 . Bulk storagelayer of foam board in a rising spherical form .*2. Cold storageAccording to Chen , polystyrene foamed boards have several3 . Educational construction4 . Covers for industrial tanksadvantages , such as :6265 . Light commercial construction6 . Planetariums" Building codes in our area are written for wood and7 . Recreational construction ( such as a golf – course starter house )cement structures . Maybe we’d be interested if the codeschange . "The marketing research study focused on uses for existing*come structures . Most of the existing domes are made ofAfter this unexpected reaction , management didn’t knowcement-based materials . The study showed that large savingswhat to do . Chen still thinks they should go ahead with thewould result from using foam boards , due to the reduction ofproject . She wants to build several more demonstration pro -construction time ."jects in the United States and at least three each in EuropeBecause of the new technology involved , the company de -and Japan to expose the concept in the global market . Shecided to do its own contracting ( at least for the first four to fivethinks an interactive website and online video will also helpspread the idea . She thinks architectsyears ) . Chen thought this was necessary to make sure that noIt’s outside the UnitedStates may be more receptive to really new ideas . Further ,62"mistakes were made by inexperienced contractor crews . ( Forshe says , it takes time for potential users to " see " and acceptexample , if not applied properly , the plastic may burn . )new ideas . She is sure that more exposure to more people`After building a few domes in the United States to demon -will speed acceptance . And she is convinced that a few re -strate the concept , Chen contacted some leading U.S. archi -ports of well – constructed domes in leading trade papers andtects . Reactions were as follows :magazines will go a long way toward selling the idea . She iswork"It’s very interesting , but we’re not sure the fire marshal ofiking on getting such reports right now . But her managersaren’t sure they want to OK spending more money on" her "Chicago would ever give his OK . "project . Her immediate boss is supportive , but the rest of the"Your tests show that foamed domes can be protectedreview board is less sure about more demonstration projectsagainst fires , but there are

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