Pls complete this worksheet as you have done similar ones in the past!

c. Type in your ideal vacation location to the search bar. Name your location. What is the soil order located there? Briefly describe this soil order. (2 pts)

d. How does the soil order or your ideal vacation spot relate to the geographic characteristics of that location (e.g. climate, parent material, topography, land use, etc.)? (2 pts)

e. Uncheck the soil orders tab and click the tab that says 18.2: SOIL DEGRADATION. Explore the global distribution of degraded soils (try zooming in on areas of severe degradation). What is the status of soil degradation in Illinois? Why do you think this is the case?  (2 pts)

f. Name two human activities that may cause increased soil erosion.  (2 pts)

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GEOG/ESE 103 Lab Week 3 – Weathering and Soils Fall 2016 Weathering and Soils – Weathering and SoilsBefore completing this worksheet, please carefully review and work through the Lab 3…

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