Please follow the instructions as what it says on this attachment

This lab requires a Laboratory Report.

Internet Assignment. Internet Assignment. Visit the Missouri Botanical Garden website pages that describe Earth’s biomes: click here to go directly to the MBGnet website: These pages make interesting and informative reading, and highlight the diversity of plants and habitats of Earth. These pages will help you write your lab report for this week (see below). Also visit the University of California Berkeley Museum of Paleontology website that describe Earth’s biomes:

Laboratory Report: Submit this Lab Report to

Follow the style guide below:


Botany 121

Lab 2 Biomes

(The Biome, Plant Community or Ecosystem you are writing about)

Your name

Your plant codename (password)



Describe an interesting biome (or plant community or ecosystem) that you have personally visited. Include specifically the biological, geological, climatological, ecological and other factors that influence it (the information that you learned from the websites you visited, above). It could be springtime in the wildflowers of the Death Valley desert, the temperate rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, the chaparral or oak woodland communities that we hike through on the trails in Santa Barbara, the mixed conifer forest that you ski through at Mammoth Mountain, etc. (Note: no points for describing your grandmother’s garden, a park, or any other landscaped place, those are not plant communities). For example, if I had to do this report I would write about my first time walking through a rain forest in Costa Rica, truly a life-changing experience. I would, of course, describe the factors responsible for this particular geographic area being a tropical rainforest, rather than a desert or other biome. The summary must be at least 250 words in length (for comparison, the paragraph above is 159 words and that’s just a brief description of the assignment).

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