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Word Parts

Imagine that you have gotten a job in a medical office.  The doctors who head up this office all practice one type of medical specialty.  Choose the type specialty that you are most interested in and construct the medical term for this specialty.

  1. Create the term out of the word parts.  Define and explain each word part for the class.  You must read Chapter One before you attempt to do this! You will find examples and helpful word parts throughout the chapter.   Appendix A and the Glossary in the back of the book may also be helpful.  Please DO NOT use the Internet for this assignment.  
  2. After you construct the term, explain in plain English what these doctors do, and why this interests you.
  3. When you “reply to others” through the week, you should comment on their posts, and also construct a term which relates to their chosen specialty.   In this way, everyone learns from ALL the posts (and you earn more points toward your grade!)

Be sure not to use something someone else has already chosen.  It is each students’ responsibility to add NEW information and word parts throughout the week.  If you do choose the same thing,  you must add some new information and do it in a different way.  I will reply to each one of you,  and ask you questions to help improve your understanding (and to improve your grade.) 


Hi Everybody, 

Here is an example of what I am looking for.  (You may not use this same example)  Even if Dermatology interests you,  you must choose something else so you learn how to work with the word parts. 


Dermat/ (root meaning “skin”) + O (combining vowel) + -logy (suffix meaning “study of.”) =

“Study of the skin.

Dermatology involves the study of the skin, and it is the specialty for skin diseases.  As a pediatrician,  many of the children in my practice had skin problems.  I got pretty good at skin troubles myself,  but sometimes I had to refer to Dermatology.  The worst case of skin troubles I ever had in my practice was a little girl who had such severe eczema that she would constantly scratch and get staph aureus infections.  She  needed to visit a Dermatology office quite often.