Pick one of Bob Pike’s Laws and comment on it (research his website). . 

reply to the students’ response and not the question  in 150 words minimum and provide 1 reference. Respond to the students response as though you are talking to them, use name


Pick one of Bob Pike’s Laws and comment on it (research his website). .

Student response


One of the major laws of learning by Bob Pike is that learning does not occur unless behavior changes. This is based on the definition of learning by Taylor and Hamdy (2013) that learning is about acquiring new knowledge and skills that will impact one’s behavior. It is therefore notable that the effectiveness of training is based on what the trainees do with what they have learned. As explained by Young (2012), the training will not be successful if the learners do not change their behavior based on the acquired knowledge. For instance, when training employees to change their working styles, the training program would be effective only if they leave their old ways and adapt their new working strategies. It will be a waste of time if employees use the learned skills only during the training program and get back to their old ways immediately after the training.

As noted by Taylor and Hamdy (2013), for learning to occur, skill practice is very important during training sessions. If the trainers are expected to do things differently, they should be provided with many opportunities so as to be comfortable when accepting new knowledge in a non-threatening environment. This is an indication that learners should have successful experiences to use techniques and information learned in class so as to increase the probability of applying them on the job. With adequate practice, the newly learned knowledge becomes the norm. Additionally, when provided with practical experiences, learners will understand how to apply the learned knowledge and skills in their jobs and thus would be encouraged to use them to improve their efficiency and effectiveness (Stahl & Davis, 2011). This way, learning will have occurred because it would be clear that it has impacted behavior. When training employees, learning will occur if what they are taught is applied in their jobs.


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