philosophy paper part 2

Write a three page paper on one of the following two topics. Use MLA style, and double space the assignment; add to this a works cited page with at least four sources, preferably not from online sources but from library sources. Part of your grade will be dependent upon your choice of good sources.  

1) Discuss Confucianism, focusing on one of the following topics: a) On becoming fully human; b) On education; c) On the ideal political system. These topics are all interrelated so while focusing on one you may still briefly discuss the others. A paper on Confucian view of political philosophy might contrast the Confucian views with Taoist views on that topic. However, be careful not to turn in a paper that is a general comparison of Confucianism and Toaism. That is far too broad for three pages.

2) Discuss philosophical Taoism, focusing on the Laozi (or the Tao te Ching) and/or Zhuangzi.

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