Personalized Health Fitness

HLTH: Personalized Health Fitness

Health Topic Paper Guidelines

  1. Students will write a 2-5 page paper discussing one of the following health topics (Nutrition, cardiovascular disease, sexually transmitted infections, diabetes, certain cancers, or other instructor approved personal, social, and community health topics).
  1. Students must follow the guidelines outlined in the “Writing in Health & PE Guidelines” APA style citations.
  1. Students will be graded on content, grammar, format, and resources.
  1. Research papers must include valid resources.  (Wikipedia is not a valid resource.) Analytical papers must use some type of assessment tool (, health assessments, screenings, etc.).
  1. Guided Questions
  • Important facts regarding chosen topic
  • How does this topic impact a person’s personal, social or community health and wellbeing? 
  • How can you change risk factors or poor habits?
  • How does this affect life expectance or quality of life?
  • Analyze the effect of making poor decisions.
  • List SMART goals regarding topic.

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