personal views on patient healthcare, health and medical assignment help

Please respond to the discussion question below.

* Your response to your classmates should help enhance the classmate’s post in much the same way that an in-class discussion should. The response should not be a simple “great ideas” or “nice job.”

** Respond to at least one of your classmates. Your informed responses MUST be a minimum of 100 words. Your response will be graded and should demonstrate your ability to understand the topic being discussed. The 100 word requirement is for both your initial post/response and also your response(s) to your classmate(s).


After reviewing all of the content in the lesson, discuss your own personal view on the need for collaborative, patient-centered integrated healthcare when working with clients.

Search the internet and find a resource to share with your classmates (regarding Dual Diagnosis and Bipolar Disorders). Copy and paste the html link in your post. Briefly explain the resources and the services offered for families.

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